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Top 131 Conservative Websites: The Best Right Wing Sites In 2024

An updated and accurate rankings of the most popular conservative websites online.

Thanks to the freedom of the Internet, never before have right-wing political thinkers had so many choices in finding the best conservative news sites.

To make things easier for you, we’ve gathered the largest ordered list of best conservative websites online, sorted them by popularity, and added some of our commentaries. There are so many, it’s hard to know which are the top conservative websites worth your time, and which aren’t.

The sites are sorted by Alexa Rank, a highly reputable service that measures a site’s popularity and traffic. The lower the Alexa Ranking, the more popular the site. Want some good listens to go with your reading? Check out our list of the 20 best conservative podcasts.

Top 10 Conservative Websites

1. Revolver News

revolver news
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Revolver News launched in 2020 with the goal of providing an alternative new source perspective to mainstream media. The site, founded by Darren Beattie, aggregates and curates news with a conservative lens. Unlike traditional outlets, Revolver News is unapologetic about its right-leaning mission. The team behind the platform believes mainstream journalism has lost touch with a large portion of America.

Through selective sourcing and commentary, Revolver News caters to conservative readers and Trump supporters who perceive liberal bias in big media. While still building its audience, the site has cultivated a dedicated following seeking a conservative viewpoint.

Rather than simply report the news, Revolver News aims to shape narratives for its target demographic. The founders ambitiously believe the site can become the next Drudge Report and counterbalance mainstream outlets like CNN and the New York Times. Time will tell if Revolver News can continue rapidly expanding its influence. But its rise illustrates the hunger for media catering to conservatives dissatisfied with established journalism.

Their no-frills conservative news website is a must-bookmark.

2. FOX News One America News Network

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FOX News needs no explanation. It made its debut in 1996 and has been driving liberals bonkers ever since, dominating the ratings along the way. FOX News is not only the most popular Republican news source online, it’s one of the largest websites, period.

One America News Network has had explosive growth in 2020, and it’s easy to see why. They have a world-class team.

3. Human Events

human events
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Human Events stands as a pillar of principled conservative journalism dating back to its founding in 1944. While many legacy outlets have bent to liberal pressures, Human Events continues shining the light of truth through ideologically driven reporting.

Reborn as a digital publication in 2013, Human Events provides a haven for conservative thought leaders providing top conservative news and commentary. Writers like Jack Posobiec, Charlie Kirk, and Raheem Kassam offer the sharp political insights you simply can’t find on cable news. The team covers stories like election integrity and Big Tech censorship that liberal outlets ignore, as well as international news.

With experienced journalists and activists on staff, Human Events goes beyond stale establishment commentary. They deliver hard-hitting analysis of current affairs through an unapologetically conservative lens. The site fearlessly advances narratives counter to the Democrat-aligned corporate media.

In an era of left-wing bias, Human Events stands firm as a beacon of politically conservative truth and principled conservatism. The platform equips patriotic Americans with information crucial to defending freedom against liberal overreach. Human Events continues a rich legacy as the modern standard-bearer for righteous right-wing journalism.

4. NewsMax

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Founded in 1998 by Christopher Ruddy, Newsmax has boldly established itself as the leading alternative to the stale Republican establishment commentary on networks like Fox News. Ruddy smartly realized the need for a news outlet giving voice to righteous conservative opinions ignored by the mainstream media.

Newsmax provides a platform for conservative commentary and conservative perspective you simply won’t find on other cable networks, with hosts chosen for their sharp political insights, not telegenic looks. The network pulls no punches in covering stories the mainstream media sheepishly avoid.

This fiercely independent network speaks truth to power and keeps viewers engaged with passionate, uncensored debate. Newsmax continues gaining loyal fans who feel disconnected from the GOP old guard and D.C. elites. It’s the future of right-wing media rooted in fearlessly defending traditional conservative values.

5. Breitbart News Network

2 Breitbart
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Founded by the late, great Andrew Breitbart in 2007, Breitbart is one of the world’s most controversial right-wing news websites. Critics often smear the site as all sorts of -ists (racist, sexist . . . you know the routine by now), but honest people know better. Breitbart saw a meteoric rise leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election and continues to be a dominating force in right-wing news.

6. Western Journal

3 Conservative Tribune
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Founded in 2009, and independently owned by the Brown family, Western Journal (and its sister Conservative Tribune) has become a powerhouse in conservative circles. The site prides itself on its honest content, grounded in traditional Christian ethics. Works for me.


Started in 1995, Matt Drudge’s masterpiece rose to prominence in the wake of Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal (Wikipedia claims they broke the story). The DRUDGE REPORT acts as a news aggregator, collecting and posting the biggest right-wing stories of the day on their homepage. If you want a broad overview of what’s happening in politics, DRUDGE REPORT is what you’re looking for.

Started in 2020, Dan Bongino’s website quickly replaced the increasingly hostile Drudge Report as the go-to source for curated right-wing news. Dan’s a great guy, so congratulations on his huge success and becoming a conservative superstar.

8. Daily Caller

5 The Daily Caller
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The Daily Caller is the work of conservative megastar (and smartest man alive) Tucker Carlson. It’s been around since 2010 and has continued to rise in prominence. The site is ad-heavy, true, but the content is worth it, as evidenced by its tens of millions of monthly visitors.

9. Zero Hedge

6 Zero Hedge
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As you probably guessed from the name, Zero Hedge started as an investment-focused blog, a subject it still deals in. Somewhere along the way, they drifted into political news and commentary, where they’ve found brilliant success. If you’re into investing, free markets, and have a conservative political leaning, Zero Hedge is a must-bookmark website.

10. Daily Wire

7 Daily Wire
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Daily Wire has become the cream of the right-wing crop for editorials. Led by Ben Shapiro (and let’s not forget Ben Shapiro’s wife, who is a doctor), the high quality of the site’s content and popularity of its staff has led to it becoming a phenomenon. In under four years, it’s become one of the most-popular, most-respect pro-Republican sites in the world. It’s only a matter of time before Daily Wire reaches the top five.

If you’re a fan of Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire, check out The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made The West Great (affiliate link).

11. InfoWars

8 InfoWars
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It doesn’t get much more controversial than InfoWars, founded and led by the legendary Alex Jones. The site’s content is on the more out there end of the spectrum, sure, but sometimes that’s a good thing. Critics won’t admit it, but a not-insignificant number of InfoWars’ “crazy conspiracies” have proven true. Sadly, social media networks conspired to synchronously ban Jones and InfoWars in the summer of 2018. Despite this, the site continues to rack up millions of monthly visitors.

12. Washington Examiner

9 Washington
Image Source: Washington Examiner

Founded in 2005, the Washington Examiner started as a daily newspaper. It didn’t take long before they realized print media was going the way of the dinosaur, at which point they focused on online media. The switch worked out brilliantly, as the Examiner has become one of the biggest names in the right-wing blogosphere.

Alexa Rank: 5,670

Conservative News Sites

13. The Gateway Pundit

10 The Gateway Pundit
Image Source: The Gateway Pundit

Another site which critics would call “controversial,” The Gateway Pundit churns out a huge number of articles. Founded in 2004 by dapper Jim Hoft (Gateway is a reference to Hoft’s hometown of St. Louis), The Gateway Pundit has become a staple of Republican news sites. Don’t believe the fake news label; it’s a typical smear job.

And The Best of the Rest . . .


Wayne Dupree’s an Air Force vet and host of the popular podcast The Wayne Dupree Show. You’ve probably seen him on Fox News, or read his Tweets. This is his website. Check it out.

Wayne Dupree Show
Note: Amazon affiliate link

15. Washington Times

The Washington Times website branched off from the Washington Times newspaper, which has been in circulation since 1982. We’ll forgive you if you get it and the Washington Examiner confused. We do, too.

16. The Blaze

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze used to be one of the huge right-wing sites, but it’s taken a sizable popularity hit, thanks in part to its anti-Trump position, and now sits outside of the top 10. They recently merged with Mark Levin‘s CRTV, forming Blaze Media, hoping to regain lost glory.

American Marxism
Note: Amazon affiliate link

17. BizPac Review

Founded in 2009, I’ve always considered BizPac Review to be like The Gateway Pundit’s quiet little brother. I don’t know why I do that.

18. National Review

The digital branch of the legendary William F. Buckley’s same-named magazine, many conservatives have soured on the National Review for their perceived soft conservatism and anti-Trump hysterics.

19. WorldNetDaily (WND)

Joseph Farah founded WND in 1997. Their coverage extends beyond politics and into finances and religion. Wikipedia and other leftist outlets describe the site as — GASP! — “far-right” and “fringe” — the horror!

20. Townhall

Townhall has a vast assortment of Thomas Sowell articles. What more needs to be said?

Controversial Essays (Hoover Institution Press Publication)
Note: Amazon affiliate link

21. PJ Media

22. Judicial Watch

Tom Fitton’s hard-hitting investigative journalism. Judicial Watch’s coverage of the shadiness of the Russiagate conspiracy is the best in the business. If you want deeper reporting, give Judicial Watch a go. 

23. American Thinker

24. The Federalist

Founded by Ben Domenech and Sean Davis in 2013, The Federalist has quickly risen to become one of the most popular right-wing sites in the world. They have talented writers who publish great content and are a worthy addition to your daily visits.

25. Hot Air

26. Free Republic

27. Twitchy

Created by Michelle Malkin in 2012, Twitchy has more of a fun, youthful feel than most of the sites on this list. I would call it the right-wing version of BuzzFeed, but I like them too much for that. How about the right-wing version of BuzzFeed that’s not completely idiotic?

28. The Conservative Treehouse

The Conservative Treehouse publishes original editorials, with a highly engaged audience in the comments section. If you like not only reading about politics but discussing them, The Conservative Treehouse might be for you.

29. Heritage

30. Red State

Red State’s another conservative site that tried to go the never-Trump route and ended up paying for it. They used to be a big shot, but those days ended once their traffic started plummeting over the past three years.

31. Washington Free Beacon

This is another conservative site with Washington in its name. I’m not sure what they offer to stand out from the pact.

32. Newsbusters

Newsbusters is Brent Bozell’s valiant (and successful) attempt at exposing liberal bias in the media and television. I’ve got to warn you, some of the blatant hypocrisy this site exposes might get you a little agitated.

Unmasked: Big Media's War Against Trump
Note: Amazon affiliate link

33. Rush Limbaugh (Rest In Peace)

The website of the godfather of right-wing talk radio, Mr. Rush Limbaugh (I bet you already knew that). The site’s neatly organized, with show archives dating back years.

Rush Limbaugh A Tribute: Why I Listen and What I've Learned
Note: Amazon affiliate link

34. Chicks On The Right

An impressive collection of right-wing women. Smart ideas, from smart women, with almost no pink hair or whining about the patriarchy or toxic masculinity. Strange, huh?

35. The American Conservative

36. Powerline Blog

37. CNS News

38. Lew Rockwell

No list of conservative websites is complete without Lew Rockwell. He’s a longtime staple of conservative blogs.

Against the Left: A Rothbardian Libertarianism
Note: Amazon affiliate link

39. Daily Signal

The third wheel in the trio of major Daily conservative sites (Daily Caller and Daily Wire are the other two), Daily Signal is a distant third, but still puts out quality content on a . . . eerm . . . daily basis.

40. Louder With Crowder

Steven Crowder is one of the kings of conservative YouTube, and while his website is secondary to his YouTube channel, it’s still popular enough to pull in a couple of million visitors a month.

41. The Right Scoop

42. Big League Politics

A hot-shot newcomer to the list. Big League Politics has some popular right-wing journalists working for them, and aren’t afraid to post controversy. Expect them to continue aggressively climbing this list in the months to come.

43. Weekly Standard

Bill Kristol’s increasingly outdated Weekly Standard recently ceased publication as a magazine, but their website remains. Will their website have more staying power? (Spoiler: No)

44. True Pundit

True Pundit is, to my knowledge, a one-man show, which makes its success remarkable. BuzzFeed News tried to smear the site, but BuzzFeed is garbage, so who cares what they think.

45. Lucianne

46. Weasel Zippers

47. McClatchy DC

48. Frontpage Mag

49. Hannity

FOX News superstar Sean Hannity’s personal website.

Live Free Or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink
Note: Amazon affiliate link

50. The Political Insider

51. The Federalist Papers

52. What Really Happened


55. Trump Train News

56. Independent Journal Review (IJR)

57. Prison Planet

InfoWars’ little brother.

58. The Horn News

59. The Liberty Daily

60. The Common Sense Show

61. First Things

62. Bill O’Reilly

The website of former FOX News superstar Bill O’Reilly. Bill always has something interesting worth checking out.

63. Red State Watcher

64. Information Liberation

65. 100 Percent Fed Up

66. Conservative Review

67. The Rebel

The Rebel is a highly controversial outlet based out of Canada. They’ve had associations with a who’s who of online right-wing stars, like Gavin McInnes, Laura Loomer, Lauren Southern, Tommy Robinson, and Jack Posobiec, among others. Naturally, the comically biased leftist media have smeared them, but they continue on, with no fudges given.

68. Canada Free Press

Hey! They have right wing websites north of the border, too!

69. Ann Coulter

The personal website of the hilarious and brilliant Ann Coulter. She’s offensive. She’s inflammatory. She’s unapologetic. Most importantly, she’s usually right.


71. Glenn Beck

Arguing with Socialists
Note: Amazon affiliate link

72. Bipartisan Report

73. Dick Morris

Screwed!: How Foreign Countries Are Ripping America Off and Plundering Our Economy-and How Our Leaders Help Them Do It
Note: Amazon affiliate link

74. Conservative Daily Post

75. Steyn Online

After America: Get Ready for Armageddon
Note: Amazon affiliate link


The website of the lightning rod of controversy Milo Yiannopoulos. it’s not for everyone, but they’ve got some interesting takes and a stylishly designed website.

77. Clash Daily

78. The Daily Sheeple

79. Patriot Post

80. Mark Levin Show

The Great One. A brilliant man who naturally runs one of the top conservative opinion sites on the web.

81. The Blacksphere

Former FOX News contributor Kevin Jackson operates the Blacksphere. I say former because the P.C. police got a hold of him last year after he made comments on Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers. Neat fact: Kevin was the first person to kindly and generously reach out to me when I was trying to start Right Smarts, so he’ll always be good in my books. Support him by checking out his website, and following him on Twitter.


82. Human Events

83. Mad World News

84. Linkiest


86. Blazing Cat Fur

87. MRC

88. Freedom Works

89. Michelle Malkin

Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild
Note: Amazon affiliate link

90. Dennis Michael Lynch

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast
Note: Amazon affiliate link

91. Moon Battery

92. DownTrend

93. Daily Headlines

94. Three Percent Nation

95. Accuracy In Media (AIM)

96. The Resurgent

97. We Are Change

98. Joe Miller


100. Renew America

101. Daniel Pipes

102. The Other McCain

103. Truth Revolt

104. Outside The Beltway

105. Da Tech Guy Blog

106. Conservative HQ

107. Whitehouse Dossier

108. Conservative Read

109. Conservative Fighters

110. Red Alert Politics

111. Debbie Schlussel

112. America’s Freedom Fighters

113. Disinfo

114. Republic Buzz

115. The Matt Walsh Blog

Matt Walsh has written for most of the top conservative sites, and this is his home base. He’s one of the most straightforward, logical thinkers around, and liberals hate him for it — which means you’ll love him, just like me.

116. Revolution Radio

117. Danger And Play Updated:

Mike Cernovich’s website. It covers mindset as much as anything, but most consider Mike on the right, and he’s always been good to me, so he’s getting a spot on the list. His new film Hoaxed is a must-watch, by the way.

Hoaxed: Everything They Told You is a Lie
Note: Amazon affiliate link

118. True Viral News

119. Patriot Journal

120. I Have The Truth

121. US Defense Watch

122. Conservative 101

123. 63 Red

124. Supreme Patriot

125. Headline Politics

126. Regated

127. Washington Free Beacon

128. New York Post

Know A Conservative Site Worthy Of Being Added?

We’ve searched high and low to find the top 100 conservative websites (and 31 more just for the heck of it), but if you think we’ve missed one, let us know in the comments section.

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