J.K. Rowling Goes Silent After Getting Challenged To Put Her Money Where Her Mouth Is

J.K. Rowling Goes Silent After Getting Challenged To Put Her Money Where Her Mouth Is

J.K. Rowling is a very rich lady. According to Business Insider, she has a net worth of “about” one-billion dollars.

She’s put her money to good use, purchasing several large, well-guarded mansions, completely isolated from us lowly non-billionaires. In fact, she likes her privacy so much that she’s reportedly had a £1,000,000 house demolished to increase her yard (garden).

Like most ultra-rich celebrities, J.K.’s a bit detached from the everyday world. Also like most ultra-rich celebrities, she likes to flap her gums about politics which will have no effect on her daily life.

One political issue is the refugee crisis.

While most Westerners dislike the idea of allowing refugees to flood their countries, especially after seeing the disasters in Sweden and Germany, Ms. Rowling seems to take the opposite stance. She can often be found on Twitter, defending refugees, including an outright denial of their violent history, while attempting to vilify those who oppose them.

J.K. Gets Challenged

After months of her nonsense, someone has finally stepped up and challenged her to back up her beliefs.

Enter (in)famous author and political commentator Mike Cernovich. Mike has graciously offered to buy tickets for 100 refugees to live in Ms. Rowling’s mansions for a year.

Following Mike’s lead, several others have offered to contribute to the cause:


Wanting a more accurate look at how many supported his idea, Mike started a Twitter poll. As of this writing, a whopping 92% of the 27,000+ voters agree that Ms. Rowling should take him up on his offer.

The people have spoken, and the results are unanimous: J.K. Rowling should allow refugees to use her mansions.

J.K. Answers Mike Cernovich (Kind Of)

J.K. is a Twitterholic, and Mike’s challenge had spread like wildfire. There is no doubt that she had read it.

After reading Mike’s challenge to her beliefs, and seeing the enormous level of support it had, J.K. Rowlings responded with . . .

Absolutely nothing.

It was as if Mike had cast Silencing Charm on her.

When given the opportunity to prove she’s sincere in her beliefs, and that she’s willing to make personal sacrifices for refugees–exactly what she expect us non-billionaires to–J.K. Rowling has laid a big, fat goose egg.

Maybe she’ll eventually get around to addressing Mike’s challenge. Probably not. Until she does, neither I, nor thousands like me will be able to take her beliefs seriously. As the saying goes . . .

Silence speaks volumes.