Donald Trump gives Nancy Pelosi a stern look.
Photo by Michael Reynolds / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Don’t Believe The Hype: Donald Trump Is Destroying Nancy Pelosi.

The border wall is being built, and democrats will have nothing to show for it.

Last Friday, president Donald Trump ended the government shutdown.

After 35 days of on again and (mostly) off again negotiations, Mr. Trump did not have the funding for his wall.

If you listened to the main stream media all week, you would think that Trump is a defeated man, taken to school by his rival, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.


If you listen to leftists on social media, you’d think that he caved.

Hell, if you listen to many of those on the right, including some his own followers, you’d be told the same thing: Donald Trump let them, and the country, down.

As we’ve come to expect, these people are wrong. Not just slightly wrong, but the exact opposite of reality wrong.

You see, Mr. Trump is one of the all-time great negotiators. And great negotiators don’t get outmaneuvered by people like Nancy freakin’ Pelosi. And Trump didn’t.

Let the great Bill Mitchell fill you in:

He makes a whole lot of sense, doesn’t he?

Trump negotiated in good faith. He did we all great negotiators do, and gave the opposition, the democrats, the opportunity to get something out of the deal.

Predictably, they played hardball, and refused to compromise.

At this point, Trump realized there was no longer a reason for keeping the government shut down, leaving honorable people out of work. So, he ended it. Classy move.

This is where most people get things wrong . . .

In their eyes, Trump ending the shut down was tantamount to his accepting of defeat. In reality, this was Trump ending plan A and moving on to plan B.

You should know what plan B is, but just in case you don’t, here’s a refresher from Breitbart News: Klukowski: President Trump Has Legal Authority to Declare Border Emergency to Build the Wall – Breitbart News

There is absolutely nothing stopping president Trump from building the wall without democrat-approved funding. (I’d say that’s a pretty damn good plan B, wouldn’t you?)

This leaves the defeated Pelosi with just two options, both of which make her look worse than she already does.

Option 1: Give In And Approve Border Wall Funding

The upside of this option is that the democrats will get something in return, as president Trump graciously promised.

The downside is, democrat leaders will have caved to Trump’s demand, making him the clear-cut “winner” even to people who lack foresight. This is going to upset a lot of people.

Option 2: Continue to Play Hardball

Democrats don’t have to approve border wall funding, of course. They can continue what they’ve been doing and refuse to negotiate in good faith.

This move will keep them looking strong to their blind supporters, but it comes with a huge downside: the wall still gets built, and democrats get absolutely nothing in return. Zilch.

The rational choice is the first option. Anyone who’s ever been stuck in a bad situation knows your job is to minimize damages and come out as clean as possible.

But we’re not dealing with rational thinkers here. We’re dealing with democrats. Which means you can be certain they’re going with the second option. Which means just one thing . . .

President Donald Trump will be getting his wall, and democrats will be getting nothing in return, making him the clear-cut victor in all of this.

More importantly, America is finally getting guaranteed effective protection against its out-of-control illegal immigration.

I’ll leave you with the strong, confident words of Sarah Sanders:

Tick-tock . . . Tick-tock . . .