BuzzFeed News is anything but. news.
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It’s Time To Give BuzzFeed The InfoWars Treatment

Social networks colluded to ban InfoWars. Why won’t they do the same to BuzzFeed?

BuzzFeed is fake news.

If there was ever any doubt, that doubt was erased on January 17th, when their news branch (creatively dubbed BuzzFeed News) published a report alleging Donald Trump had directed his attorney Michael Cohen to lie to congress.

If their report were true, it could very well be the catalyst to impeachment proceedings. In other words, if their report were true, it would be one of the critical news stories in U.S. history.


There’s just one problem: it wasn’t true. According to Peter Carr, a spokesman for Robert Mueller’s office:

“BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate,”

That’s the formal way of saying the report was–you got it–fake news.

Their blockbuster, history-changing report was inaccurate, according to the Mueller team. Diddums.

What makes BuzzFeed’s fake news so insidious isn’t just that it’s fake, but the magnitude of its fakeness.

While InfoWars dabbles in low-brow conspiracy theories, silly conspiracies with minimal consequences (gay frogs?!?!), BuzzFeed takes the game to a whole new level, publishing reports which pounce on democracy itself.

The Cohen report wasn’t the first time BuzzFeed had delved into dubious reports, after all. In 2016, they published the infamous Russian dossier without bothering to actually, you know, verify the accuracy of its incredible claims.

The dossier was so sordid and unfounded that not only would fiercely anti-Trump organizations not publish it, but it prompted a defamation lawsuit. Apparently, that wasn’t enough to teach BuzzFeed a lesson.

This all begs one important question: why is BuzzFeed allowed to get away with it, when an organization like InfoWars was not?

What makes one brand of fake news so acceptable to our social media overlords, while another brand must be co-banned across the social media landscape?

Has BuzzFeed yet to cross the line, wherever that line may be? Or could the answer be as simple as political bias?

Okay, I’m done pretending not to know the answer now.

We all know social networks have a history of discrimination against right wingers, despite denials from the left. It’s gotten so bad that even president Trump has Tweeted about it, with speculation of future government intervention (please?):

As long that political bias exists, the left-wing dumpster fire BuzzFeed will almost certainly remain safe, no matter how much garbage it promotes.

Sadly, that’s news that’s all too real.

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